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Favorite Links

These are links we use everyday in our hunt for the items our customers are looking for which are not in our inventory.  We also have included sites that we use for reference.  If you have any great sites you think we should know about, please let us know.  Bananagram@aol.com

  • Amazon ( we list cd's, videos and books for sale here)
  • Audiogone ( high end stereo equipment and components)
  •  Ebay (Auction site)  
  •  Gemm   (Great music search site)
  • Half.com ( an ebay company, great place to buy books online)
  •  Imdb (best online information about actors and movies)
  •   Musicstack-  Excellent source for finding vinyl and CD's online
  •   Popsike    -  web site to find out what rare records have sold for on Ebay
Kurt Curtis Or KOTO to friends, sadly died  October 2004. Koto was a well known local DJ who had been working on a book of Florida Music Artist for over 25 years. On the eve of his book being published, Koto passed without seeing his dream come to pass.

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An Illustrated Encyclopedia History of Florida’s Rock, Soul & Dance Music:
The First 30 Years: 1955-1985

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Rock Jazz Instrumental Soul Foreign Country Oldies Pop Vocals
Big Band Folk Soundtracks Blues 12" Singles 45 Rpm Comedy Classical
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