Bananas Records 
Recommended CD and Tape Care

People say you can't ruin a Compact Disc.  Not !!  True.  Sure they might still play in some cases but deep scratches will cause your disc to skip, or plain stop playing.  Those repair kits don't work very well, so the best thing to do is to take good of them in the first place.  

A couple of products on the market that work well and are inexpensive are plain wipes called PRO WIPES, these are round cloths made for cd cleaning.  Always wipe the CD from the center hole to the outer edge. Never  wipe in a circle, this will leave marks.  If you really want to guard against scratches, keep your compact disc in their cases while not in use.  This may seam like obvious information, but we buy alot of used disc in our retail store, and you would be appalled at the condition that some folks CD'S are in.  Don't forget about cleaning your cd player too! A CD Lens cleaner is only about $10.98, and will keep dust down from your player and keep your cd's playing at their best.  

Cassettes  :  They are still with us and as long as you still use them, keeping them in good shape is the key
to making them last.  First thing, is take a look at the tape itself.  If the pad is missing that the tape runs over,
throw it out if you can't replace it.  Your tape will not run.  Keeping your tapes in the Norelco box holder will keep dust out.  Keep away from direct heat.  Keep your tape player clean.  Proper cleaning should be done every 20 hours of playing time.  The newer the tape, and the dirtier the tape player, the more likely you are to ruin that new tape.  REASON!  because, tapes are magnetic.  As tape players are running, they heat up inside. The capstans or rollers, heat up and can get sticky which causes the tape to stick to them.  Because they are hot and the tape is magnetic, it's a Magnet!  The older the tape, the less magnetic it will become, but cleaning every 20 hours will keep all your equipment in working condition.  You can use either wet or dry cleaners, it really does not matter and is up to personal choice.  A good cleaner can be purchased for around $3.25. If you have particular questions about cleaning records or other music formats, please contact us.